Thursday 10 October 2013

We're all striving for that balance

The elusive work-life equilibrium which will make us perfect and content. Recently, upon the suddenly progressing illness of a family member, a friend of mine had the courage to step back from some of the hassle of the daily grind to give some extra time for connecting with family and friends, and (in true Carrie Bradshaw-fashion) this led me to thinking:


There’s a perpetuating myth amongst my peers that happiness for a young woman involves a challenging career in her chosen field at the same time as planning THAT uniquely similar wedding. As well as keeping up with the news, politics, feminism, Twitter (yeah, well, maybe not both of those last two combined), ‘culture’, and probably completing another qualification on the side. But, you know what I think, how much calmer would I feel if I didn’t multi-task all of this but could have a series of singular foci.

I’m not claiming to be in this position right now. Yet I would like the option of having my ‘everythings’ and what I’m sort of realising is that not all of these have to overlap. I’m sure it’s not that radical of me.

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