Sunday 11 November 2012

German literature November - again!

I should be continuing my job applications, but actually I’m going to post for German Literature Month run by the lovely Caroline and Lizzy – you can sign up here.

Per chance I actually started a German book last night, so despite the fact that I hadn’t logged onto the blogosphere for sometime, I hopefully will continue to complete the month.


  • Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (The lost honour of Katharina Blum) by Heinrich Böll
I bought this before my holiday in September, with the intention of reading it, but have not as yet got round to doing so. I’m really looking forward to getting into some Böll as I’ve not read anything by him.

  • Die Mittagsfrau by Julia Franck (Blindness of the heart - gosh what a weird title?)
OK, so I have actually already started this, albeit several months ago. That’s probably not a good sign, but in my defence I am trying to read the German version, and it’s not exactly bedtime reading. BUT I’m gonna do it. I will complete it by the end of the month!

Turns round in living room to look at bookshelf…hmmm…what else could I read in the next 2/3 weeks?

  • Der Mauerspringer by Peter Schneider
This also came to my shelves at the same time as the Böll with the intention of taking it on holiday. I really love Berlin though, and especially history about the DDR, so this has to be read.

Aiming to read:
Ok so if I’m feeling ambitious, these others might get a look in…

Some Kafka…. I have a large collection of his short stories on my shelf which is untouched and this is a crime. I will endeavour to read a few.

I have a nice translation of some Fontane short stories which I also might dip into. Esp. having loved Effi last year.

I think that’s probably enough of good intentions for now. Let’s see how it goes! Would love to hear what others think about German Literature Month.


  1. Oh, I love German Literature Month! But then, I would say that, wouldn't I? :)

    Very happy to have you join us again, Katie.

    BTW the three novels you mention are, without exception, amazing.

  2. These are great choices. I hope you will like them and get back into Julia Franck's novel I hate it when I stop a book for too long.
    I find that title - Blindness of the Heart - quite weird as well.
    I likeJulia Franck I have read a few of her books which have not been translated yet.

  3. Loved 'Katharina Blum' - it's also a fairly quick read :)