Friday 29 March 2013

Lunch, dinner, tea...

I’ve spent a fair amount of time recently playing in orchestras, it being the end of term and concerts having been in quick succession. One upshot of this has been less time for reading, and I have soooo many books tbr on my shelves. My resolution to post here more regularly has also made sure that I don’t have a pile of books tb(reviewed). My old habit of not updating very often may have been bad for view counts, but it was good in times like this!

It just so happens though that Newcastle has conspired to give me something to write home about: Nudo Sushi Box.

If you haven’t been yet, it’s at the top of Northumberland Street, near Haymarket, and the food is delicious and very reasonable for sushi. Seriously, prices for sushi start about £2.50, range up to about £6 I think.

I’m not trying to advertise for them here, I would just like to give them a shout out as I have enjoyed myself there twice in the last fortnight and I hope they succeed, as it seems a lot of shops around there have been forced to close.


They opened I think about 2 weeks ago and the décor is cute – nice colours of lime green and black, with sturdy wooden tables inside. Staff are cheerful, if a little bit flustered it all being new to everyone (!). It’s related to the Nudo down behind The Gate, which also does ace sushi, amongst many other things. And when me and boy went in 10 days ago the sushi box shop was full of flowers from suppliers etc. wishing them well!

So, good luck little sushi box. Please live long and prosper, you are so tasty!

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