Tuesday 15 January 2013

My AaronSorkin/JeffWinger moment

Nothing happens unless we make it happen. Luck is a god gamblers believe in, but I’m an atheist. If we achieve something, we have ourselves to thank for it. It might be hard and tiring and stressful, yet when we succeed, it will make that success all the sweeter.

 And yes, I’m a coward: I’m afraid to fail. But I’m afraid of many things. But of none the more so than of not living. Of not grabbing my steed, my life, firmly and not letting go. 

 Because nothing happens if you do nothing. 

 All the achievements of this world belong to those who dare, who try. Those who have no choice but to pull out a finger. Every piece of music that moves us, every book that tugs deep inside of us, every speech that makes us sit up straighter; they were all produced by minds like ours. And that is the biggest secret of them all: with some training and application the human mind has the capability for infinite creation. 

Power stems from our imaginations.

So this is a motivational speech I wrote for myself back in December. Surprisingly effective on myself given that I know all the tricks I'm using – motivates me almost as much as “that speech” in The Network which Maybeshewill sampled in Not For Want Of Trying. Putting it out there for friends in case it motivates 1 single person.

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