Sunday 20 February 2011

East Coast trains

So, I thought I'd be healthy last week - interesting plan.  I was on shifts at work, which meant getting to work was easy, but home was tricksy.  Plan was: cycle from Central Station to work and back again, thus avoiding reliance on buses, Metro and friends' kind lifts.

Did this work you ask?  Well, I guess seeing as I'm writing about it, NO.  Monday: cycled in.  All good.  Cycled back to station.  All good.  Got to platform, waiting for train with bike.  Unfortunately I had no reservation, and the Train Guard was feeling lazy so he DIDN'T LET ME ON.  Couldn't believe it, nearly cried.  (Next train was in around an hour)

Went and got a bite to eat, booked a cycle reservation for next time I wanted to travel and then waited.  Lovely Transpennine train came in on time, and off I went.  No hassle.  I <3 Transpennine.

Angry letter has been written to East Coast, just waiting to post it.

Tuesday I didn't try the bike - managed to blag a lift in friend's car back to a metro station.  Got a taxi to station on Wednesday (at £10 this isn't a general option!).  Thursday got another lift by said friend.  Friday, friend gave me a lift with the bike on the back seat (!) because it was so windy.  Reservation went fine and no sign of grumpy train guard.

Ok, enough vented.  The moral of this story is I will now always have to get a cycle reservation...  Argh.

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